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Powder coating composite coating technology

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Powder coating composite coating technology
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Acrylic powder coatings have excellent outdoor durability.

Its advantages are:

(1) The coating has good UV resistance, and the light and color retention properties are better than epoxy, epoxy/polyester and polyester powder coatings;

(2) The surface hardness of the coating is high, generally 2 ~ 3H;

(3) Easy to tune into various colors;

(4) Good resistance to weak alkaline.

 powder coatings

The disadvantages are:

(1) The price is more expensive;

(2) Poor corrosion resistance in coastal and acidic environments;

(3) not easy to level;

(4) Large abrasion, increase the wear of the spray gun and recycling equipment, shorten the service life of the equipment.

The advantages of cathode electrophoretic paint are:

(1) The film is uniform and consistent;

(2) Complete coverage;

(3) Good corrosion resistance.

The coating system with excellent comprehensive performance can be obtained by using the advantages of the two coatings. The combination of these two coatings has been used in mass production in various industries in China.

Advantages of cathodic electrophoretic paint/acrylic powder coating system:

(1) Good corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance test up to 600h according to elevator industry standards;

(2) Good gloss preservation, the coating after 240h continuous ultraviolet irradiation, can still retain more than 90% of the gloss. The coating system is used outdoors and has a 5-year guarantee period. It is mainly used for outdoor lighting equipment, household appliances, outdoor equipment, automobiles and other painting.

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