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Powder coating brightener (brightener) effect

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Powder coating brightener (brightener) effect
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In the powder coating formulation, the role of brightener is to make the powder coating in the manufacturing process, the pigment and filler in the resin and curing agent good wettability, better dispersion, while making the powder coating in the melting leveling process better to reduce the surface tension, so that the film is less prone to keyholes and other defects. In the domestic epoxy powder coating, polyester epoxy powder coating and polyester powder coating formula, most manufacturers need to add brightener.

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The experimental results of Dengwang coating show that the appearance of epoxy powder and polyester epoxy powder coating is obviously improved after adding brightener, but the effect in polyester powder coating is not as obvious as the first two powder coatings. Commonly used brightener is butyl acrylate and methyl methacrylate copolymer, is a colorless transparent solid, softening point at 95 to 125 degrees, some called brightener,

The amount of brightener in the powder coating manufacturer formula, according to the experimental results show that according to the total amount of film forming material 1% to 2% is better, the main role of this additive is the wetting and dispersion of pigments and fillers, while also helping the leveling function. Although this additive is not used much in foreign formulations, it has become a commonly used additive in domestic formulations. When used in some powder coating formulations, there is a tendency to increase the gloss of the coating film, so some manufacturers promote it with brighteners, but in fact its role is comprehensive, not a single role. In most formulations, the brightening effect is not obvious, and the appearance of the coating film will be significantly improved after the addition of this additive.

Because the brightener is a thermoplastic resin, it is a brittle solid at room temperature, in the melting process of powder coating, due to the compatibility with the resin style, often load the surface of the melt, if the addition of a large amount will affect the impact resistance and other properties of the film, so the addition of no more than 2% is more reasonable

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