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GPC Share the causes and solutions of paint accumulation

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GPC Share the causes and solutions of paint accumulation
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Waterborne industrial paint adopts advanced process formula, scientific design scheme, set permeability, transformation, stable three as one of the formula and process, the scientific use of penetration transformation mechanism as the leading, overcome the various prohibited areas of water-based rust prevention primer, water as a dispersing medium, the use of physical, chemical and other multiple rust prevention mechanism, according to chemical transformation, network and reaction principles prepared. Water-based paint in the specific construction process will appear paint phenomenon, today please Deng Wang paint technical staff to talk about the reasons for paint:


The reasons for the accumulation of waterborne industrial coatings include the following aspects.

(1) Because the paint is a thixotropic fluid, in which there is a network structure, the flow is slow, the yield value and viscosity are the two main factors causing the accumulation of paint. The yield value of the paint is too high, the viscosity is too large, resulting in poor flow of the paint.

(2) The flow marks generated by the paint in the flow process flow along the sand mold, and the grooves produce accumulation, resulting in unclear corners of the sand mold.

(3) The inclination Angle of sand mold is not appropriate.

(4) Small flow, paint flow does not cause accumulation.

(5) Due to insufficient pressure, the flow rate is slow and the accumulation is formed.


(1) From the field operation consideration to reduce the paint beauty, practice has proved that when the flow coating paint beauty is 22~26, the fluidity of the paint is the best.

(2) Considering the coating itself, the yield value and viscosity of the coating should be reduced. Blow with an air pipe or dip a brush in thinning agent to remove the flow marks.

(3) When placing the sand mold, lift the sand mold to the top of the paint tank with a horizontal Angle of 75°~90° for flow coating. Increase the cross-sectional area of the flow coating rod head and the hose, the purpose is to increase the flow, the general use of the flow coating rod and the hose is a 4-part tube, if the cross-sectional area can be increased, the two can use 4 parts and 6 parts, or both use 6 parts.

(4) Increasing the wind pressure can increase the flow rate, in order to obtain the appropriate coating thickness, the paint from the flow coating machine outflow speed of 100~200mm/s is appropriate, the wind pressure is generally (0.4~0.6) ×10^5Pa, if too large, it is easy to produce splash.

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