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GPC coatings describes the scope of use of waterborne industrial coatings

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GPC coatings describes the scope of use of waterborne industrial coatings
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Waterborne industrial paint industry is often called waterborne industrial paint, after more than ten years of efforts have a rapid development, the main industrial paint production enterprises have carried out different degrees of waterborne industrial paint development and research, varieties almost involved in the application field of industrial painting. Industrial paint used in the production of industrial enterprises equipment, ships, containers, Bridges, gas tanks, port machinery, chemical equipment, railway tank cars, electric machinery, storage tanks, pipeline inner wall, various steel structures, concrete and other protective and decorative paint, currently involved in the water-based industrial paint also has the following categories:

GPC coatings

(1) Water-based vehicles, including cars, ordinary vehicles, rail vehicles and agricultural vehicles and other commonly used auto parts, bicycle racks, chassis cabinets, etc., often use these paint varieties. This type of product is often used for pipeline spraying. Dengwang wheel hub waterborne paint, bicycle waterborne paint, etc. have mature technology, to provide the required coating services for well-known enterprises, product quality assurance, excellent performance, timely delivery.

(2) Steel structure water mainly includes steel structure anti-rust paint, anti-corrosion primer, intermediate paint, steel structure anti-corrosion top paint and so on.

(3) Construction machinery equipment water-based machine tools, lathes, equipment surface, play a decorative, anti-corrosion, anti-rust effect.

Houston has invested in the world's most advanced equipment specializing in the production of container waterborne coatings, successfully developed water-based epoxy zinc-rich primer, water-based epoxy paint and water-based acrylic top paint.

(5) Waterborne ship and Marine machinery paint Marine paint is a high technical content of industrial paint, including deck paint, waterline paint, ballast tank paint, antifouling paint, ship shell paint and so on.

(6) Water-based coil coatings are currently relatively mature, including epoxy water-based coil coatings, acrylic water-based coil coatings, etc.

(7) Water-based coatings for wind power are mainly used for wind power blades and pillars, which are mostly epoxy and two-component polyurethane.

(8) The water-based coating for the shell of mechanical and electrical equipment is usually a dip coating process.

(9) Water-based rust anti-rust coating is a traditional water-based coating, which has stable, permeable and transformational types.

(10) Water-based damping coatings are mostly thick slurry coatings, which are mostly used in large automobile chassis, tire bones and external 売 metal inner walls.

(11) Water-based fireproof coating Water-based fireproof coating is a special coating used for flammable substrate surface, which can reduce the flammability of the surface of the coated material, block the rapid spread of fire, and improve the fire resistance of the coated material.

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