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Additive for powder coating

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Additive for powder coating
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The main components of the charged series of additives are surfactants, nitrogen compounds, fatty acids, and some are inorganic substances (such as metal oxides, etc.). The additives added to the coating have the following effects: increase the charging performance of the powder, so that the powder electability is better when spraying, and improve the powder rate; Reduce the electrostatic shielding effect, improve the corner powder; Improve the conductivity of the film.

Electrifying additives are generally divided into antistatic agents, electrifying agents and triboelectrifying agents.

powder coating

1. The potentiator is generally used to improve the charging performance of powder spraying, and the addition is relatively small, and can also be used to reduce the surface resistance of the coating film, but the conductive performance is not durable, and it is not suitable for permanent antistatic coating.

2. The addition of antistatic agent is relatively large, which can reduce the volume resistance of the coating and the antistatic effect is durable.

3. Friction charging agent is generally nitrogen-containing compound, especially suitable for friction gun spraying.

Charged series additives are generally added before extrusion, and a small part is added in the finished powder (such as vapor phase aluminum oxide).

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