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Properties and application range of water-based metal paint

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Properties and application range of water-based metal paint
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Water-based metal paint, is a kind of water-based paint sprayed on the metal surface, such as: cast iron, tinplate, aluminum alloy and other metal surface, after spraying, need to bake at a certain temperature, through the crosslinking reaction after baking, the formation of tough paint film, baked paint film, its physical and mechanical strength is much higher than the natural temperature dry paint film.

Water-based metal paint

Water-based metal paint is an environmentally friendly water-based paint that has been recognized in the metal painting industry in the past ten years, and "focusing on performance" is the key to winning reputation. Some important indicators, such as salt spray resistance, hardness, weather resistance, etc., do not have a gap with solvent-based baking paint. Usually, the solvent-based baking paint production line is 160 ℃×15min drying conditions, after the introduction of water-based paint, there is no need to change the line, and the water-based paint can match the existing spraying line.

Application: Used for auto parts, hardware, metal tools, mechanical equipment and other steel surface protection coating.

Features: Excellent storage stability, low baking temperature, high gloss, high hardness (more than 3H), strong adhesion, impact resistance, good weather resistance and other advantages.

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