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Effects of antimicrobial agents on powder coatings

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Effects of antimicrobial agents on powder coatings
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According to the current antibacterial agents used in powder coatings are mainly organic antibacterial agents, inorganic antibacterial agents and natural antibacterial agents three categories.

powder coating

1. Organic antimicrobials: mainly quaternary amine salts, biguanides, alcohols, phenols, organic amines, pyridines, isothiazolinones, etc. Main features: The bactericidal effect is fast, but the temperature resistance and durability are relatively poor and have certain adverse side effects.

2. Inorganic antibacterial agent: mainly metal powder or ion, photocatalytic type, etc. The main metals are Ag, Cu, Zn, etc., and the photocatalytic types are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. The main characteristics have the characteristics of high efficiency, broad spectrum and stability, so the antibacterial agent manufacturers mainly choose inorganic antibacterial agents as the mainstream of research and development.

3. Natural antimicrobials: active substances with antibacterial activity extracted from animals and plants, which are divided into plant antimicrobials and animal antimicrobials. Commonly used chitosan and derivatives are the main main characteristics of natural non-toxic, harmless and non-irritating, but poor stability, difficult to extract, so the application of natural antibacterial agents is relatively small.

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