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Adhesive (A.B Glue)

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Versatile Bonding: 

Formulated to bond a range of materials - from wood-to-metal, wood-to-composite, metal-to-metal, to metal-to-composite. It's also suitable for general construction and plastic materials.

Superior Adhesion & Impact Resistance: 

After bonding, the products exhibit exceptional adhesive strength and resilience against impacts.

Easy-to-Use Adhesive: 

Its rheological properties ensure ease of application, and we offer customization to different viscosity levels based on client requirements.

Efficient Room-Temperature Curing: 

Sets and cures efficiently at room temperature, ensuring energy conservation without sacrificing bond quality.

Here's what we offer 

●8S Resin A

●8S Resin B

Experience the difference with our 8S Resin Adhesive. Whether 

bonding different materials or ensuring long-lasting adhesion, our 

resin stands out in performance. When you opt for our adhesive, you 

are embracing a blend of innovation, efficiency, and outstanding 


Product Specification :     Adhesive (A.B Glue)

Product Name

Epoxy Resin A Agent: A Adhesive

Epoxy Resin B Agent: B Adhesive

Mixing Ratio (by weight)

1 part

1 part


A: Pale gray, highly viscous semi-transparent liquid.

B: Pale yellow, highly viscous semi-transparent liquid.

Application Method

Dipping, Spot Bonding

Drying Time

Leave at room temperature for 12 hours before proceeding to the next process. Increasing the temperature can reduce the curing time but be cautious to prevent adhesive from running due to the elevated temperature.

Working Time

Approximately 2 hours (100 grams, 20)

Property Testing Condition

For adhesive strength testing, allow at least 24 hours at room temperature.


In winter or at low temperatures, if the 8S resin's A agent crystallizes, it can be baked in a drying oven at 100 for 1 hour, then stirred well before use. (It is recommended to reduce the adhesive inventory during winter).

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