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Bicycle Coating Solutions

Innovative Bicycle Coating Solutions: Supreme Performance, Flawless Appearance

In the modern bicycle industry, both cycling enthusiasts and professional athletes have exceedingly high expectations for the performance and appearance of their bikes. Our company delivers a comprehensive range of specialized bicycle coatings to meet these demands while also aligning with goals for sustainable development.

Our coating products boast exceptional wear resistance and anti-corrosion properties, effectively safeguarding against the ravages of harsh weather and challenging road conditions. This ensures that the aesthetic appeal and performance of the bicycle are maintained in top condition over the long term. We possess an in-depth understanding of the varied needs of bicycles across different environments, leading us to develop a series of high-performance coatings tailored to withstand diverse and complex conditions.

Product Range

Our product line spans from primers to topcoats, ensuring optimal protection for every component, ranging from the frame to gears and chains. Our offerings extend beyond oil-based coatings, encompassing eco-friendly water-based options and durable powder coatings, catering to a variety of materials and design requirements.

Color Options

When it comes to color selection, we provide an extensive palette, ranging from subdued classics to bold and vibrant hues. Leveraging advanced color-matching technologies, we ensure color stability and consistency, helping your bicycle excel in both performance and appearance.

With our condition-based search functionality, you can easily find the coating product you need. Our professional team is always ready to offer support, ensuring that you choose the right coating to meet your application requirements.

Coating ・Customized

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